The Viking Art Collective

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Benefits of the membership

The Viking Art Collective is a membership group of 1000 NFT enthusiasts with a shared interest in Viking art, Viking history and mythology, and a general interest in Nordic themed art. The membership benefits come from holding the NFT membership in your wallet and participating in our private discord and other token gated tools that will be released over the life of the membership.

Exclusive access to upcoming mints of Viking Art NFTs.

The art created by Olaf Oden will be released for free (gas cost only) in limited edition NFT collections and will be made available exclusively to the Viking Art Collective during the time of the membership. 

Art from other artists will be also be made available, while some of this art will be Viking related, we are not limiting it to this specific artistic expressions, but will also release art inspired by nordic themes, norse mythology and whatever the collective interest is.

Early access to spin-off projects

Some projects that are coming will have a bigger audience than the core group of the Viking Art Collective. The members will have early access to these spin-off projects. There are currently two projects in the works that will be launched as a Viking Art initiative.

Private Discord

This will be the central hub for the community where we will share information about upcoming mints, collaborations and artist announcements. This is also where we have dedicated channels for discussions about projects, artists and collectors to share ideas and learn from each other as a community.

Our commitment

Your membership NFT comes with 3+ years (2022-2025)  access to the membership benefits mentioned here and a long list of soon-to-be-announced benefits. We are preparing for many types of benefits such as in-person events, collaborations with other projects, and Viking themed spin-off projects.

During the initial membership period Olaf Oden will, at a minimum, release four collections to all members.

Written by Viking Artist

Olaf Oden is the artist of the Viking Art Collective. He grew up in Sweden with the heritage of the Viking age surrounding him. Today he brings Viking Art into a new era.

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