So much more than a collection piece, it's recollection of a world that once was.

Viking art collective nft's

Viking Art Membership

The membership includes access to our private Discord server, early access to the Viking Art NFT drops and other products.
To participate, one must purchase and hold the Viking Art Membership NFT. The membership NFT can be minted on our site or purchased on Opensea after the initial mint. To participate in the initial mint you can pre-register below.

Membership Benefits

Being a member gives you exclusive access to upcoming mints of Viking Art NFTs. These mints will include art created by Olaf Oden and other artists. As a member you will be part of a community of NFT collectors and fellow artists that can help influence the future of what Viking Art will evolve to. We are developing many types of products the coming years, both digital and physical. These products will include limited edition art prints, apparels, and jewelry. As a member you will have access to these products before they are released to the general market and in some cases they will only be available for members.


Mint the membership NFT to our private collective of max 1,000 members
exclusive access to upcoming Viking Art NFT releases
featuring art from Olaf Oden and other artists.








The Gotland Collection

A collection of 120 original paintings depicting scenes from the viking age, captured on the magical stone carvings found on the island of Gotland in the baltic sea. Olaf Oden’s original work has been exhibited in museums in the USA and Canada and reproductions of the art were sold in places such as the Smithsonian Museum in the USA. This art is coming alive again in a digital form and will be released as various NFTs both in limited edition collections and 1/1’s. More importantly, new art is being produced, both traditional and experimental art, based on modern methods that combine the creative powers of humans, the random chance of computer algorithms, and the seed of inspiration planted many generations in the past. We are laying the foundation for what people a millenium from now is going to look back at, hopefully in awe, of what was created during our period in time. 

The Collective

We believe in working together with artists, collectors and other members to create a group of dedicated collaborators and enthusiasts.


Join the viking voyage into the metaverse

If you are a collector of NFT art, PFP projects, or have a general interest in viking art and the history about vikings. You want to be part of the journey to learn and explore together. There are new worlds being created out there and we are dedicated to create a fascinating viking world for the digital age. We would love to have you join us on this journey.

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The Viking Art Collective

The Viking Art Collective

The Viking Art Collective is a membership group of 1000 NFT enthusiasts with an interest in Viking art, Viking history, and Nordic themed art.

Olaf Oden: The Viking Artist

Olaf Oden: The Viking Artist

Olaf Oden grew up in Sweden with the Viking heritage all around. Stone carvings from the Viking era in the wild left traces of a world that once was.