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Growing up in Scandinavia is to grow up with the heritage of the Viking sagas and all myths and legends that surround the big "barbarians" from the north. The Vikings were for me the greatest adventurers and they stood for strength and manhood. The picture these stories give of the Vikings, which has become the well-known picture of them is, as I understand today, a misleading picture.


The Vikings actually represented a period in history were a lot of development took place and where many cultural expressions were manifested and spread among a great number of people. Today when I think about Vikings I see a completely different picture in my mind than the one that I had as a young adventure driven boy.


The Vikings were the best shipbuilders in the world at that time, they were successful merchantmen and created a social structure that was democratic and allowed the people to take part of the decision making in their parish. During the Viking age the cultural expressions were many and, even though the remains are few, it is evident that the art the Vikings created was exceptionally vital and intricate. Since the material they worked with consisted of wood and fabrics a lot of the art is lost today. What is kept for us to see, except a few remains of the perishable art, is the wonderful work in metal and stone.

There was a group of people among the Vikings who didn’t have much wood and started to create carvings in stone instead of the dominating woodcarvings. Those were the people on Gotland (a Swedish island in the Baltic Sea that was a centre for trade during the Viking age and many years to follow). It is from this people’s creation in stone that I have found the inspiration to work with Viking art today. The pictures that they carved in stone are not as detailed and elaborate as other Viking art is. It is, however, a more expressive work that shows free creations of art by independent artists. Those are the reasons why the carvings are so unique and that this island is the only known place in the world where they created this kind of stone carvings.

I am mostly a self-taught artist that grew up with a mother that put watercolour paints on the table from the day I remember my daily activities and a father who taught me to carve in wood at a very early age. I loved to paint and to create things in wood or clay or whatever was around to use. Ever since I was introduced to the world of art as a young boy I have been keeping that habit and tried different fields such as photography and music.


Since 1997 I got inspired to paint more again after being captured by the beauty of the picture stones of Gotland. I wanted to do something with these stones and soon I found a way to bring the stones back to life again by making paintings as the ones you see today. Since then I have worked towards completing a collection of 85 paintings (The Gotland Collection) that depict scenes from the best preserved picture stones. I have completed my collection today, but I continue working on it to improve the paintings, there are always things that can be improved and explored, so I see myself working on this collection several years ahead.

I work with the paintings and other products in close relation with my wife who helps me with many things; she is my friend, my inspiration and my necessary critical eye. We like to see this art spread around the world so that as many people as possible can take part of this wonderful work that was created during the Viking age and is brought to new life by me and my wife today. I hope that you will enjoy our work and that you find something on this website that will bring you a little bit closer to our Viking ancestors. Whether you are from Viking origin or not I am sure that you can appreciate the art that was created by the people of Scandinavia more than 800 years ago.


I now let you enjoy the wonderful world of the Vikings!




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